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ARIES: You may be taken in by someone’s flattery. Just because you are trustworthy does not always mean that you can expect someone else to be as dependable or available in a crunch. Surface appearances may be deceptive.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: There are some things you cannot take at face value. You may enjoy some fascinating conversations or learn something that alters your opinions. However, you may be gullible when it comes to a new purchase.

GEMINI: Your kindness and sympathy might be somewhat misplaced but could still bring a warm glow to everyone’s heart. A barrage of conflicting opinions could be confusing, but if you are patient the best choice should become apparent.

CANCER: Not every knock on the door is an opportunity. You may react too quickly and take a risk because you expect everything to go your way. It might be better to wait and take your time before spending your cash.

LEO: Dissecting every comment may not be constructive. You might only hear what you wish to hear or miss the fine print in advertising materials. Delay negotiations or important purchases for now to avoid misunderstandings.

VIRGO: If you’re feeling insecure, remind yourself of large and small things you are proud of. If you get triggered when challenged or facing unexpected changes, do some self-work. Hold off on making major purchases.

Keep your end of a bargain. You will regret it later if you slack off or forget to perform a task that seems unimportant now. You might feel that you have gotten in over your head if you have made a weighty promise.

SCORPIO: You could find a solution on your own, but the innovative ideas of a friend or partner may be more useful. You owe it to a family member, friend or co-worker to follow through on your promises and decisions.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone close may hide their hurt feelings or discomfort. Remain observant and try to bring a dose of positivity and good humor. You should easily manage an unexpected change of plan.

CAPRICORN: You may not be at your best right now so hold off on important business meetings or serious decisions. A family member might have an intriguing idea that will help you achieve one of your goals.

AQUARIUS: Think twice before you replace something old with something new. It might seem necessary to abandon something that no longer fits in your home or lifestyle, but wait. It may prove more useful to keep.

PISCES: You or someone you know can be contrary today. When it is obvious that someone needs assistance, they may feel resentful of any help offered.  Consider opening your heart and home to a rescue pet.

IF MAY 3 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your friendships and the new contacts you meet through organizations and group activities might grow in importance and influence during the next several weeks. When June arrives, your competitiveness could shift into high gear so find appropriate outlets where you can be a leader without stepping on anyone’s toes. You could meet an ideal romantic partner, be filled with realistic ideas or embark on a vacation that fulfills your fantasies in late July. Embrace any opportunity that drops in your lap as it could lead to bigger and better things. A combination of high energy, executive ability and astute business observations make the beginning of August a potentially wonderful time to review and revise your financial strategies. Be more cautious in the first half of September when wishful thinking could get in the way of intelligent negotiations.

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