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ARIES: Take the lead with confidence and your eagerness can inspire the enthusiasms of followers. You might need to offset a desire for dynamic changes with the courage to withstand pressures to stray from the guidelines.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It’s just not the right time to switch things up despite your urges. You may think that doing things differently could make a difference but it will still be necessary to honor traditions and existing rules for the time being.

GEMINI: Take some time to go within and recalibrate your inner compass. Plot a course of action you could use on another day. Your foresight and wisdom may be a sought-after commodity when friends or a partner needs guidance.

CANCER: Some people might elbow their way to the top, but you can choose to rise in a more gentle and authentic way. Brush off advice encouraging you to be more competitive or buy something new if it does not suit your lifestyle.

LEO: It’s best to be patient and disciplined whether other people are or are not. People who are looking for excitement could dare you to ignore possible warnings. You might feel happier if you stick to the program and follow protocol.

VIRGO: You should have the resources to buy something that piques your interest but you might need that cash for something else later. Choose carefully with whom to place your trust, past history can tell you a lot.

LIBRA: Work hard and be patient. By being organized, more tasks can be accomplished, so take pride in your ability to operate efficiently. You may easily become sidetracked by family power struggles or material ambitions.

SCORPIO: Exploring new territory could require nerves of steel. You may be challenged to keep up with a loved one, a romantic partner or business colleagues who could change their minds or upset your schedule without notice.

SAGITTARIUS: Some people may believe in the pursuit of happiness, but you might be in pursuit of more profitable employment or better working conditions. Remain discreet; keep sensitive information in a safe place.

CAPRICORN: Your passion for achieving material success can be a double-edged sword that can be extremely useful, but also dangerous. If you maintain an unbalanced focus on reaching your ambitions, you could be blind to people’s needs.

AQUARIUS: Get your ducks lined up in a straight row. Neatness counts whether you are making a presentation to an authority or just keeping your personal space tidy. Keep financial plans and intentions close to your chest.

PISCES: Your existing commitments could center on home and family, but your job or health might take center stage. Reschedule important telephone calls, face-to-face meetings with new contacts, and signing agreements for now.

IF APRIL 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be feeling carefree and optimistic during the upcoming two to three weeks, and could be confident about accepting an opportunity for advancement. Just be prepared to take any extra duties seriously and be ready to shoulder extra responsibilities that come with the territory in May. Relax during the first half of June; take a delightful vacation or spend more time with creative activities without feeling guilty. By late June and early July, your ambitions could be geared up a notch so you can use your organizational skills, executive aptitude and clever insights to move forward on the ladder of success in the material world. Lay low in August and early September when you could mistake wishful thinking for fact and take an unnecessary detour.

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