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ARIES: The future lies ahead, and you can choose the destination. Attract new fans and admirers by flaunting your charm and flair for the dramatic. You might stumble upon opportunities for advancement while taking center stage.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The wants and needs of the most important people in your life could require your attention. Although a partner or loved one seems obsessed with material success, there is no reason to become jealous since you may share in the profits.

GEMINI: A belief that something valuable could be hidden beneath surface appearances is your strong suit. Visualize the precious gemstone that lurks inside an unassuming rock, sort through oysters for pearls or pan for gold.

CANCER: A romantic partner might be just as focused on achieving material success as enjoying cuddling up with you. Logic does not rule hearts, so do not try to make sense out of someone’s generosity or eagerness to take risks.

LEO: Playing fair is one way to favorably impact your reputation. You may question whether a relationship deserves your support or unconditional commitment. You could become involved with someone who might bring along heavy baggage.

VIRGO: In math, a positive added to another positive will equal a positive solution. You can achieve whatever you envision and set out to do. You can make the best choices or wisest decisions when your brain is firing on all cylinders.

LIBRA: You may arrive at a crossroads and must choose the best path and stick to it. Search for inspiration so that you can approach the future with enthusiasm and confidence. A new job or project could have unexpected strings attached.

SCORPIO: Consider accepting an offer or embracing an opportunity to take on a new job or more tasks if it comes your way. If you rule the roost, anything that happens in the coop becomes your responsibility. Someone may find loopholes to escape oversight.

SAGITTARIUS: Recognize good advice and wise counsel when you hear it. Someone may have your best interests at heart, so pay attention. You can gather inspiration from books, educational materials or loved ones.

CAPRICORN: It is not necessary to yield to pressure. Concentrate on making headway with your work and career even if a loved one is in relentless pursuit. There will be adequate time for intimacy and romantic moments later on.

AQUARIUS: Uplift your spirits by taking some time for yourself and meditating on anything that can weigh heavy on your mind. A partner or loved one might be dynamic and spirited, inspiring you to improve your outlook.

PISCES: You may learn that your dreams of financial abundance can become a reality if you employ a set of sound preparations. Accept a partner or loved one’s wise advice to achieve your goals despite any inner doubts or hesitation you may have.

IF APRIL 11 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The upcoming week or two might be ideal to make important decisions or put a key plan into motion. You have a good chance of success because your judgment is excellent, and you should have adequate support. You will do your best work as a team player, although you may want to relax and enjoy simple comforts. Your trustworthiness and sincerity make you a star, so late April is an ideal time to change jobs, vie for a better position or make a romantic commitment. Your business sense and financial acumen is enhanced in June, making that a good time to analyze your cash resources, develop strategies and reevaluate investments. Do not begin anything new in July or August when you could be hoodwinked by your own wishful thinking.

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