Parehan Komok

Exploring the interrelations of the natural world from behind a lens

Perhan Komok taking pictures. (Photo: Handout from Parehan Komok)
Perhan Komok taking pictures. (Photo: Handout from Parehan Komok)
AMMAN — Parehan Komok has known her way around a camera since she was young, it was her way to document family memories. She has now taken up photography as a hobby. “Photography is a passion for me, I rediscovered life through my lens,” Komok told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Perhan Komok in an undated photo. (Photo: Handout from Parehan Komok)

Komok is a Jordanian journalist with a BA in political science who has worked for a number of TV stations in the UAE, Jordan, and Oman. She is also a poet, writer, producer, cultural and political television presenter, and digital media activist.

Her writing skills helped her publish her writings, poetry and articles while working as a TV producer. “Photography completely changed my perspective on the world over the last ten years,” she said.

“I became convinced that human beings are part of the universe and not its masters,” Komok said, adding that she was discovering life through photography, her existence as a human being, and her connection and relation to the universe.

The blue lizard, one of the rarest lizards in the world, in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan taken in 2016. (Photo: Parehan Komok)

While using her digital camera, Komok learned how she could best highlight the beauty of objects and things, that’s when her way of seeing things changed. “I didn't want to photograph a general view or a landscape; instead, I wanted to look at the aesthetics of things,” she added. 

During her research, she found websites that connect professional and amateur photographers, and this was what helped her improve her photographic skills. She emphasized that the TV image is different from a photographic image, despite the two being similar.

“I have an incredible passion, especially since I got to know some of the world’s best photographers, and gained knowledge and information I did not have before,” Komok said.

She learned the importance of choosing the right equipment and lenses, and the many intricate details of the craft. It all began with a television program and researching photography out of curiosity to know more about it, she then began to share photos.

The Urn Tomb (The Court) in Petra, Jordan, taken in 2017. (Photo: Parehan Komok)

Komok has shared her photographs on photography websites, and got several complimentary comments on the beauty of her pictures, and others that pointed out her photographic errors. “I photograph with passion and love, and this is what caught the attention of professional photographers and encouraged them to support me,” she said.

Through photography, Komok rediscovered Jordan’s natural splendor. She explored Jordan's valleys, deserts, and villages in all their diversity, and she went to sites that had never been discovered before. “I have a new passion now as I discover my country, its nature, and myself,” she said.

The Ant's Hill, Jordan, taken in 2006. (Photo: Parehan Komok)

Several of the places she visited were spiritually significant to her, in fact she had several spiritual experiences in these places. Komok saw galaxies for the first time while on a meteor photography trip in the Jordan desert, where she was unable to capture the scene due to its magnificence.

She went on a number of adventures during which she was able to enjoy breathtaking views of the sky and discover rare animals in Jordan’s natural wilderness. 

“I am really passionate about my hobby, and it brings me tremendous pleasure,” she said. 

Komok considers environmental pollution at natural sites due to lack of care or responsibility for the natural environment, a serious challenge. She said that it is sad that human behavior is getting more aggressive towards nature as seen through haphazard waste disposal that is ruining the country’s natural beauty.

“Our beloved country is very beautiful, yet we are destroying it by dumping waste in nature,” she said. 

Komok is a member of the Jordan Photographic Society (JPS) and a member of the Global Photographic Union (GPU).

This photo was chosen by the Global Photographic Union GPU to be displayed at a children's hospital in Sarajevo. (Photo: Parehan Komok)

One of her photographs was chosen by the GPU to be displayed at a children's hospital in Sarajevo. “The picture conveys feelings that have a great impact on the human conscience,” Komok said of her work.

She said that while she is taking pictures, she feels free since she is able to express herself openly and without any pressure. Nature makes her happy and joyful and she enjoys capturing it, she added.

Komok said that photography can be practiced by young and old alike, it is not for a specific age group so much as it requires the learning of basic rules of photography, and working on the craft with love and passion. She said that photography is a hobby that can become an integral part of daily life, through social media and the Internet.

The Dead Sea, Jordan, taken 2016. (Photo: Parehan Komok)

She said that in our everyday lives, and our social and cultural existence, images have a very significant role to play, which requires greater attention be paid to the culture of the image, and the study of arts in schools.

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