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Teen creates talk show on roof of apartment

Rakan Nasser’s colorful studio on the roof of his apartment can be seen in these undated photos. The 17-year-old talk show host frequently has guests on for interviews on social media and said he wants to expand beyond his traditional platforms. (Photos: Handout from Rakan Nasser)
AMMAN — The host of a social media talk show, 17-year-old Rakan Nasser, had always had the urge to be in front of a camera, so without a lot of resources, he founded his show where he felt most at home — on the roof of his apartment. اضافة اعلان

“The roof became a major part of my life as I would sit up there whenever I achieved a certain goal, reached a milestone, needed alone time, and so on,” Nasser told Jordan News. He described the roof, where he used to spend time with his friends as a child, as his “happy place.”

Nasser named the show “Sate7 Talks;” “sateh” means roof in Arabic. 

Nasser chooses guests based on their talent, potential, and ability to tell a unique story. Before each episode, he researches his guest, then loosely plans the episode segment, though he leaves flexibility to adjust based on the natural flow of the conversation. His guests are often well-known locals such as artists, musicians, and business owners who discuss their careers and raise awareness on important topics, such as bullying and racism. 

While the interview portion of the show may be serious and discuss sensitive topics, the other segments are entertaining and vibrant, offering feel-good humor for the viewer. Each guest receives a special custom-drawn gift that matches their interests. 

One of the most attention-grabbing elements of the show is the colorful background that appears in every episode. Nada Hazou, Nasser’s aunt and an artist, helped design the backdrop. After she completed a variety of colorful designs on the wall, Nasser picked up the brush and added his own drawings and quotes.  

The host also built a strong team to help him complete his dream. He gathered young and talented university students studying media to help him put together each episode. 

“We always discuss new options and possibilities specifically when it comes to film making,” he said. “I even give them full freedom sometimes to create what they have in mind.” The show is an opportunity for each of its crew members to develop their skills and explore their own ideas. He called the talent of his teammates “insane”.  “I’m sure they all have very bright futures ahead.” 

Nasser began on social media but is currently exploring new areas, such as formal television programs. He thinks the future of his show will combine a variety of platforms. 

He explained that Tiktok allowed him to reach a wide range of new audiences, Instagram gave him the chance to interact with people and make them part of the experience, and Youtube allows him to post the full show for people to enjoy. 

Working on the program has introduced Nasser to other creatives and offered him a space to use his creativity and improve his skills.  As the show has progressed, it has gained more sponsors, including the SAE Institute, which offers education and training in filmmaking, audio production, animation, media production, augmented reality and virtual reality, and game design and development.

According to Nasser, a high budget isn’t necessary to pursue a creative project, only a creative and intelligent idea.  

“Take your first step,” Nasser said. “Don’t ever be afraid of other people’s opinions. Believe in yourself, and if you don’t do it now, you’ll look back and regret it later.”

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