Jordanian actor defies criticism and makes it to TV screens

Actor and comedian Ayman Aballi is seen in character for one of his comedic sketches. (Photo: Handout from Ayman Aballi)
AMMAN — “I treated criticism as bricks, and each time someone threw one of those bricks at me, I would use them to build a wall that would make me stand taller, stronger, and wiser,” 26-year-old actor and comedian Ayman Aballi said in an interview with Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Aballi did not have an easy rise to fame. People around him, including his family, expected him to follow a career path in Software Engineering after he majored in that field. Aballi, on the other hand, had a different passion that led him down a different road.

“I always felt like there was a missing puzzle [piece] inside me,” he told Jordan News, “After I used my inner voice on social media for the first time, and received great feedback from friends and other people, I realized that I love what I’m doing, even though I did not have a full picture of what it was exactly.” 

Aballi began attracted a large following with his spontaneous and adventurous videos. On Instagram, he currently has about 1.4 million followers. He is best known for producing two-minute comedic sketches.

Behind the scenes, however, it was a different story, as many social media celebrities know.

“One of the prices I had to pay was the frustration that took a toll on me because of people’s constant criticism. But I always knew that no one could understand why you walk a certain road unless they’re in your shoes,” Aballi said.

Refusing to “surrender to people’s opinion” of him, he continued to pursue his passion in acting, and participated in his first role in a television production called “4 in 1”. The show, now being aired on Roya TV, has received “a lot of positive feedback” from fans, friends, and family, according to Aballi. 

In fact, Aballi was so pleased with the show’s success that he decided to dig deeper into his talents as an actor, not just a content creator. 

The filming and planning of “4 in 1” was extremely challenging, as on the first day of shooting in 2020, the government declared a complete lockdown due to the pandemic. The then newly imposed restrictions stood in the way of the production for six months and the show struggled before finally reaching the screens.

According to Aballi, the show received so many views on the first week that it encouraged him to plan for future roles in other shows. 

“This was my first acting role ever, and although it is always hard to prove yourself in your first role, I managed to prove myself and my name,” he said. 

His unexpected success helped the young actor overcome the pressures and financial difficulties which he faced in his early years as a content creator. He had to pay for his own sketches for three years straight, while still trying to find a job with his university degree. However, he tries to always remain down to earth and be as close to people’s hearts as possible, sharing only colorful and joyful ideas to people who are fighting their own difficult battles, according to Aballi. 

“People have enough on their plates already. When I have the ability to add a little light to their day, that’s when I know that I have a purpose to fight for,” he said. 

Aballi wishes to continue “drawing smiles” on people’s faces, and believes that performing in TV productions is the key to reach people of all generations, not just his young fans on social media.

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