Orient Gallery exhibits donated artwork for Palestine

Artists ‘stand in solidarity with our people in Palestine’

the orient gallery art work
(Photos: Tamara Abdin/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Digital prints, pastels on paper, and acrylics on canvas colored the white walls of Orient Gallery in Amman on Tuesday in an art exhibition dedicated to Palestine. اضافة اعلان

All proceeds of the event, which features more than 45 art pieces by more than 30 regional artists, are donated to the Palestinian people in collaboration with the welfare association, “Taawon”.

“The purpose of the art show is to stand in solidarity with our people in Palestine — those who are fighting and protesting, and those whose homes were destroyed,” said Hala Jardaneh Tieby, the owner of the gallery.

In an interview with Jordan News, the gallerist expressed her pride and contentment with the response of the artists, who consider themselves and Palestinians to be one and the same. 

“It wasn’t just the Jordanians,” she said. “The Syrian artist, the Lebanese artist, the Iraqi artist and the Bahraini artist: They all told me that this is the least they could do. Palestinians are fighting with their souls. And as much as we collect and donate, it will not compare to what they have sacrificed.”

She added that this event, which was her daughter’s idea, is her moral obligation as the Palestinian land belongs to every Arab — Muslim, Christian, or Jewish.

Omaymah Tieby, the daughter of the owner, reiterated the importance of standing with Palestine after the latest attack.

“We wanted to see how we, as an art scene in Amman, could provide help for our people there,” she said.

Mahan Abu Samaan, an artist and art coordinator at Orient Gallery, said that this event represents an artistic and cultural obligation that they need to fulfill. According to her, the event saw great turnout from the community as Palestine is an important cause for all Arabs.

“We all want to help our families in Palestine so we thought we could donate some artworks as a gesture of solidarity,” Abu Samaan concluded.

Another one of the featured artists, Abdel Rahman Hamdan, told Jordan News that he was very happy to be able to offer support for the Palestinian people in a time when they need it most.

An attendee, Mohammad Allozi, echoed the event’s success while emphasizing the importance of nurturing the idea of supporting Palestine.

“The idea of donations is very special. It is a beautiful initiative,” he said. “This is my first time here at the gallery and there are very nice art pieces. I have an eye for this kind of thing, and I think the artwork is immaculate.”

Jardaneh Tieby joined the participating artists by donating two pieces from her own art collection.

“We wanted to offer something more, as a gallery, and me, personally, as a gallery owner,” she said. She concluded by calling to other galleries to take initiative and collaborate with their artists to support the cause.

“The entire exhibition was organized in just five days. It is easy and simple. Each gallery has a group of artists who can donate an art piece or two. We need to stand by our people in Palestine.”

The exhibition will continue at Orient Gallery in Abdoun on Wednesday, May 26, and Thursday, May 27, from 11am to 6am.

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