Songs of Ajloun’s Wadi Tawaheen

Personal reflections by a Jordanian poet

(Photos: Ramzi Ghazwi/Jordan News)
“These photos, poetry and songs of Wadi Tawaheen, the valley that haunts me,” says Jordanian poet Ramzi Ghazwi.

اضافة اعلان

Reflecting on his strolls through the wadi, he notes: “How often I felt myself a tree, swept into waves of clouds, or a blossom nestled into a crack on the valley walls.”

“The tribes of trees and blossoms were my family… I was with them — I spoke to them through the wind and its whispers.”

With expressions of gladness that he lives “side-by-side with these gentle creations”, Ghazwi adds: “I would suffocate if I could not see the trees in my day, or speak to them, or hear them return my peace upon me.”

“They answer my questions, quenching my longings.”

Ramzi Ghazwi is a Jordanian poet, author, and columnist, and winner of literary awards.

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