SSC allocates 9,200 retirement pensions toward non-Jordanians

social security corporation SSC
Social Security Corporation. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Social Security Corporation announced the allocation of 9,200 retirement pensions for immigrants in Jordan at a meeting with Tunisian government officials on Wednesday, Ad-Dustour daily reported. اضافة اعلان

At the meeting, Mohammed Saleh Al-Tarawneh, director-general of the SSC, mentioned that the new number of retirement pensions for non-Jordanians accounts for roughly 3 percent of the country’s total amount. He added that nearly 207,000 active non-Jordanian workers are currently being covered by social security and commended the labor of the country’s legal migrant workers, saying that it is essential to grant workers their full rights including the right to social security.

Tarawneh also praised the Jordanian government’s dedication to maintaining healthy relationships with other Arab and Muslim countries. Heba Bani Amer, who works for the International Center for Migration Policy Development in Tunisia, stressed the importance of including refugees and non-Jordanian workers under social protection. Rouan Abdallah, who also works for the center, noted the progress Jordan has made in providing migrant workers with social security.

Also at the meeting — which primarily focused on social security and protection for migrant workers and immigrants — Tarawneh emphasized that migrants are considered vulnerable in their host societies, often challenged with economic inequality and high unemployment rates, and additionally stressed the need for services such as education and healthcare. He also said that the presence of foreign nationals in Jordan requires integrating workers under the protection provided by the SSC.

Other members of the SSC, including Assistant Director-General Khaldoon Al-Qudah and Director of International Cooperation Mahmoud Al-Maaytah, presented an overview of relevant legislation, systems, and procedures that must be taken to ensure the inclusion of migrant workers in social security. They also discussed the Estidama++: Sustainability program, which aims to benefit migrant workers in the country until 2025, in addition to insurance benefits for Jordanian citizens provided by Social Security Law. 

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