Jordan aims to cultivate 1 million ‘King of Dates’ palm trees

low angle shot wide tall green palm tree
(Photo: Freepik)
AMMAN — Jordan's dwarf palm trees known as the "King of Dates", Medjool, or Majhoul are gradually expanding their cultivation along the Jordan Valley region from Aqaba in the south to the northernmost part. اضافة اعلان

Due to this, the Ministry of Agriculture is aiming to expand palm tree cultivation to one million trees, up from the current 650,000 on an area of 35,000 dunums, Ammon News reported.

Success storyDate palm cultivation in Jordan is a success story, especially for the palm that produces the well-known Majhoul date, which is grown in the lowest point on earth in the Jordan Valley.

Currently, the production of the Majhoul date from Jordan represents about 14 percent of the global production, and these dates are exported to many countries worldwide.

Berhi dates as ‘most flavorful’ in the worldIn addition to the Majhoul date, Jordan is also known for its Berhi date, considered one of the best and most flavorful dates globally.

The demand for Jordan's dates will increase during Ramadan, where it is customary for Jordanians to offer dates to their guests during mourning events, along with Jordanian coffee.

‘King of Dates’Since its discovery in Morocco, the Majhoul date has been known as the "King of Dates" because of its rich texture.

Highly valued throughout history due to the difficulty and hardship involved in its cultivation, the cultivation of the Majhoul dates was previously limited to the Moroccan royal court.

However, in 1927, crops in Morocco were destroyed by diseases, leading to the cultivation of Majhoul dates in other parts of the world, including the Jordan Valley.

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