Study: Sinopharm vaccine is only 50% effective

A man can be seen receiving a COVID-19 vaccine in this undated photo.
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN - A study in Peru has concluded that the effectiveness of the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine, Sinopharm, was just 50.4 percent after two doses.

According to Al-Ghad, the study was conducted by medical staff in Peru during an increase in infections of mutated strains of COVID-19.اضافة اعلان

Reuters agency have stated that reports show it is now possible to consider giving booster doses of the Sinopharm vaccine.

While protection against infection was evidenced to be low, the study concluded that the vaccine is 94 percent effective in preventing death from COVID-19 infection after receiving its two doses.

Almost 400,000 medical workers participated in the research study, which collected and analyzed data from February to June, when Peru was battling a second wave of the pandemic, worsened by the Lambda and Gamma strains.
The majority of the medical staff received both doses of the vaccine.

The study, which was published last week and cites scientists at the National Institute of Health in Peru and two other research institutions, stated, “the efficiency of infection prevention is not high, and this is something that must be considered once a high percentage of the population is vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine, then it is possible to consider giving booster doses to enhance the protection of medical staff on the front lines of the pandemic.”

The Lambda strain has made headlines lately due to its spread in the United States and other Latin American countries, but infectious disease experts have said that the spread of this strain may now be declining.

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