Zain internet shutdown disrupts students’ exams

(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — On Monday morning, internet users using Zain found that they were not able to access the internet, frustrating the many Tawjihi (general secondary education certificate examination) students sitting for their mock tests online today.اضافة اعلان

In a tweet on Monday, the Jordan Open Source Association wrote that there was an “almost complete” shutdown of Zain’s internet services. They wrote that the slowdown in services began at 10:20am, and gradually returned at 11:40am.

The Tawjihi “mock examinations”, high school students’ final tests before their official exams, began on Sunday. The tests are being conducted online due to COVID-19. On Facebook, one user wrote that her internet failed just before her son’s exams. “I called many friends. It is the same everywhere,” she wrote.

Likewise, another user on Twitter wrote that the “fiber optic connection was lost today in all of Amman during the school’s end of year exams. Customer support lines (are) all busy. As a result all the students and their parents had to cope with extreme stress and panic because of this unforgivable mess by the operator Zain.”

Another Twitter user criticized Zain’s service, writing: “And yet the internet is very slow after an hour of disconnection!”

In response, Zain’s official twitter apologized for “any inconvenience.”
However, according to Najwa Qbeilat, secretary general of the Ministry of Education, the ministry did not receive any complaints about the internet outage. Qbeilat explained to Jordan News that if students have connectivity problems during the mock exams, they can come into schools to use their internet. She added that the final Tawjihi exam will take place in-person, not online.

Ministry of Education Secretary General for Educational Affairs Nawaf Al-Ajarmeh however, has said in previous remarks that a passing grade in these mocks is a key requirement for admission to the final exams.

Zain is one of the country’s leading telecommunications providers. At the end of June 2019, the company reported that it served 3.7 million customers in Jordan, with revenue of $240 million.

The failure follows a complete power blackout for approximately six hours on Friday.

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