Youth at the helm of COVID, vaccine awareness campaign

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The photo shows Elak o Feed volunteer, Aya. Aya is a university student from Madaba, majoring in risk management, who says she developed a passion for volunteering when she was still in school. (Photo: UNICEF)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Youth has launched a national campaign dubbed “Elak o Feed”, which aims at raising awareness and combating misinformation regarding COVID-19.اضافة اعلان

The youth-led campaign’s media brief, which was published on the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 information platform, stated that the goal of the initiative is to curb the spread of the coronavirus and reduce its threat to individuals and families.

The initiative aims to do so by delivering reliable information to Jordanians through various media outlets, including social media, radio and television. 

An article, highlighting the initiative’s efforts, titled “From Mafraq to Aqaba, young volunteers are leading efforts to build trust in COVID-19 vaccines” was published by UNICEF on Tuesday. The article, written by Basel Al-Smadi, underscores youth engagement in tackling the challenges caused by the pandemic.

The essay states that “over 500 trained Nahno volunteers have participated in the Shabab Elak o Feed youth volunteering initiative and helped register over 2,000 individuals on the national vaccine platform.”

Smadi also wrote that the volunteering initiative is supported by UNICEF and Nahno, a program created by the Crown Prince Foundation to promote a culture of volunteering.

The campaign, according to Smadi, “trained volunteers in how to combat misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, reassuring the public by raising awareness on the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and assisting the elderly to register online to receive their vaccine.”

Tanya Chapuisat, a UNICEF-Jordan representative, was also cited in the article. According to her, “Jordan’s significant youth population is one of its greatest assets. Young people have been at the forefront of the national COVID-19 response, creating positive change in their communities since the beginning of the pandemic – from distributing care packages to elderly neighbors to broadcasting critical prevention messages.” 

“Now, with the launch of the Shabab (Youth in English) Elak o Feed volunteering initiative, their contribution will be even more essential to preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and helping move the country towards recovery,” Chapuisat said.

The volunteers featured in the article, Farah, Mohammad, Aya, and Hanin, are certain that vaccination is the way to achieve a COVID-free future. By fighting misinformation and encouraging people to register on the, “these young people are steering their communities towards recovery,” she added. 

The initiative, according to the website, was the result of joint efforts between  UNICEFÂ, World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, Royal Health Awareness Society, and the National Council for Family Affairs.

The initiative’s media brief explains that the campaign will clarify and simplify government news and instructions, provide reliable sources of information and medical updates, and recommend healthy behaviors to be practiced to limit the spread of the virus.

The statement on the Elak o Feed campaign concluded with a call for citizens to register for and take the vaccine.

“This World Immunization Week, UNICEF is calling on everyone to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community against dangerous diseases. Get yourself vaccinated against COVID-19 and follow up on your children’s routine immunization schedule.”

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