Water ministry announces monthly billing mechanism

utility service payment concept water meter
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AMMAN — The Ministry of Water and Irrigation in the Kingdom has announced that it will be implementing a monthly billing system for water bills. اضافة اعلان

However, the ministry has not yet completed the mechanism for monthly billing for all regions of the Kingdom, said ministry spokesperson Omar Salama.

Salama stated that the new billing system will be implemented by the end of March 2023, replacing the current practice of issuing bills every three months.

He added that monthly billing has already been implemented in some regions, such as Aqaba Governorate and some other areas.

No change in priceNo change in prices Salama emphasized that changing the billing mechanism to monthly does not mean an increase in the prices of bills.

He confirmed that "water prices will not be raised" for subscribers, and the current tariff will remain unchanged.

The main goal of modifying the billing system is to reduce water loss and monitor water consumption monthly by the ministry and citizens.

According to Salama, every three months, there are some problems and imbalances regarding objections, renewals, and the cost of bills for citizens.

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