WB technology project in Jordan employed 2,672 people

1. World Bank
(File Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— The World Bank's Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, Ferid Belhaj, said that the youth and technology project funded to Jordan has provided 2,672 job opportunities, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

He added that the project currently includes preparing a technology curriculum in government classrooms from the seventh to the twelfth grades, and creating workplaces in communities that do not have adequate services.

This came during Belhaj’s visit to Amman, and his meeting with the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh, pointing to the growing role of digital companies in Jordan in creating employment and skills-building programs for youth and women to support economic growth.

 For his part, Hanandeh contended “about 55 companies have received support from the program.”

 Hanandeh explained that in 2023, a technology curriculum for grades 7, 9 and 11, will enter schools, and in 2024 he will enter a technology curriculum for grades 8, 10 and 12.

He pointed out that the program includes a set of pillars, including honing and developing the graduates’ digital skills, through an association that was established with the aim of bridging the gap between supply and demand with regard to digital skills and increasing the graduates' chances of obtaining decent jobs.

The minister also said that one of the project’s pillars is to support employment in private sector companies, whereby 50 percent of the employees' salaries are contributed, i8n addition to expanding business in small, medium and start-up companies, and special platforms for self-employment and self-employment.

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