Sinopharm recipients get Pfizer boosters

Visitors receive Pfizer vaccines at the Applied Science University on July 14. (Photo: Raya Tarawneh/Jordan News)
Visitors receive Pfizer vaccines at the Applied Science University on July 14. (Photo: Raya Tarawneh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Wednesday, the vaccination center at the Applied Science University administered Pfizer vaccines to individuals who had previously received two doses of Sinopharm. اضافة اعلان

“Many people have taken it before you. Don’t worry, take a seat,” a volunteer told a man who had arrived at the site feeling nervous.

To receive this third jab, individuals must be travelling to a country that has not approved the Sinopharm vaccine.

“They must show proof that they have received the Sinopharm vaccine, in addition to providing a plane ticket, travel documentation, or a job contract [indicating that they must travel],” Samiha Jarrah, a dean at the University of Applied Science, told Jordan News.

She added that upon arrival, those looking to get vaccinated must also sign a “consent form” agreeing to accept responsibility for any potential consequences of mixing vaccines.

Jarrah clarified that the center will only offer this accommodation on Wednesday and that no appointments are necessary.

Typically, the university operates as a regular vaccination center.

“Our volunteers are all students at the university, across years and specializations. Some administer the shots, while others are responsible for data entry or holding information sessions for citizens to raise awareness about the vaccine,” she explained.

Doctors from the nursing college supervise student volunteers.

“Other faculties are also involved in organizing, as are public relations, security, and university personnel. Everyone is contributing to facilitating vaccination for citizens, so that they receive clear instructions and are not made to wait.”

“We also have a drive-through, so that elderly people can get vaccinated without having to leave their cars. A special team of volunteers deals with these cases.”

“We are one of the first universities to start vaccination efforts. We have vaccinated over 200,000 citizens since March,” Jarrah continued.

Seated at one of at least a dozen tables, one volunteer said that three hours after the center had opened, she had administered around 36 vaccines.

“I was worried at first, but the person giving me my shot reassured me… I needed to get the Pfizer vaccine because I go to Saudi Arabia frequently for work,” a person at the site, who preferred anonymity, told Jordan News.

On Thursday, the Prince Faisal Gymnasium in Qweismeh will likewise dedicate its operations to inoculating future travelers who have taken Sinopharm.

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