Setback in local meat prices ‘expected’ due to Georgian sheep

Jordan sheep market
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Head of the Jordan Famers Union Mahmoud Al-Oran predicted lower prices for local sheep meat across the Kingdom if Georgian meat were to enter the Jordanian market, according to Ad-Dustour.اضافة اعلان

Oran stated on Sunday that imported Georgian meat may reduce local meat prices at least by 5 percent, and this drop in prices would continue over a period of time.

He noted that the price of local meat currently stands at JD8-9 per 1kg, and since Georgian sheep share similar characteristics as local sheep but will be sold at lower prices, consumers would opt for the less pricey option — at JD3 per 1kg.

“In 2015, some traders used to sell Georgian meat as local meat,” he said.
Oran said he was surprised that Georgian sheep are more desirable for Jordanians, and wondered if this is due to media promotion, adding that the imminent imports will negatively affect local farmers and livestock breeders “at a time when they are already suffering due to high fodder prices and drought.”  

Last week the Ministry of Agriculture lifted a ban on the import of Georgian sheep but on certain conditions, one of which is to have the tail fat removed to differentiate it from local sheep. 

Minister of Agriculture Khalid Hanifat warned last week against any violations of the terms and conditions placed on the imports, saying penalties would involve withdrawing an importer’s license and guarantees and stopping imports.

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