Enjaz not budging from position on amendments to Engineers Association law

(Photo: Jordan Engineers Association)

AMMAN — The efforts of the Jordan Engineers Association board, headed by Abdul Hadi Al-Falahat, and of third parties failed to convince members of the “Enjaz” political list to change their position vis-à-vis the amendments to the association law, which were recently approved by the central commission, according to Al-Rai.اضافة اعلان

A meeting held on Sunday to tackle the dispute between the board and Enjaz ended before it began after Enjaz members called for re-amending the law and further study, said a source who attended the meeting.

The meeting was mediated by the head of the Agricultural Engineers Association.

A further meeting was held on Monday with the aim of tackling the issues and convincing the “Enjaz” members to change their position, especially after four members of the board resigned.

The proposed amendments to the JEA internal laws, which include proportional representation and amendments that enable young people to participate in the decision-making process, due to lowering the age of candidacy, were approved at the Monday meeting, which witnessed squabbles among various factions of the association and members of the board attacked verbally and physically.

Enjaz has rejected any attempt at reconciliation and ending the dispute so far, according to the source.

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