Renewable revolution: Jordan's bold strides towards energy independence

renewable energy in jordan
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AMMAN – The Jordan News Agency, Petra reported, that amid global political challenges, energy security takes center stage in Jordan's priorities. His Majesty King Abdullah’s direct guidance has steered the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to enhance strategies ensuring the kingdom's energy resilience. The focus lies on sustainable sources, energy efficiency, and bolstering local energy contributions.اضافة اعلان

27 percent of electricity generation comes from renewable energy.
Jordan aims for a 50 percent contribution from renewables by 2030, positioning itself as a hub for exporting green energy.

The approach extends to hydrogen production, with plans to harness green hydrogen. Experts advocate for the swift implementation of hydroelectric energy storage projects, leveraging dams like Mujib and King Talal to optimize renewable energy utilization.

Jordan's energy sector not only seeks self-reliance but also positions itself as a regional renewable energy investment gateway. Agreements with UAE initiatives for green hydrogen production demonstrate Jordan's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and regional leadership in renewable energy.

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