Regional workshop calls for new strategies regarding polio and immunization

regional workshop
(Photo: Handout from EMPHNET)
AMMAN — A three-day regional workshop on polio and immunization, hosted by GHD|EMPHNET in collaboration with the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF among others, called for new strategies regarding polio and immunization and delved into possible integrations of “sustainable systems, learning from the challenging COVID-19 experience.”اضافة اعلان

According to a recent statement by Global Health Development (GHD), a regional initiative started to strengthen health systems in the Eastern Mediterranean, the workshop welcomed participants from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, as well as experts from across the globe, to focus on “exchanging experiences and lessons about building on polio capacities to address other countries’ public health priorities.”

“Integration is a key step to reform health systems to achieve more equitable delivery of health services. It is crucial to understand what, whether, when, and how to integrate different public health programs into the Primary Health Care and the broader health system,” said GHD regional public health programs director, Magid Al-Gunaid. “Seizing opportunities to increase the reach (of) priority services, consolidate fragmentation, eliminate duplication and overlapping, and bolstering the system’s ability would all serve in responding to population health needs in a more holistic approach.”

The workshop concluded on Tuesday with participants drafting “specific priority activities” to accelerate coordination within their own national health systems.

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