Northern Jordan emerges as winter tourism hotspot

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The lush green nature and warm climate of northern Jordan have made it a top destination for winter tourism. On Friday, thousands of visitors flocked to the region, located west of Irbid, to enjoy the natural beauty and various tourist attractions.اضافة اعلان

One major draw is the variety of green agricultural areas, including the Wadi Arab and Zarqa dams. But the region also offers a range of other visitor experiences, Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

More than just greenWhile less known, the region offers options for both therapeutic tourism with the Al-Shunah hot mineral springs and religious tourism with the tombs and shrines of companions of Prophet Muhammad such as Muath Bin Jabal, Amir bin Abi Waqqas, and Sharhabeel Ibn Hasana.

Another site on the list is the reclaimed area of Baqoura, which is characterized by its green simplicity overlooking the confluence of the Yarmouk and Jordan rivers. Visitors also enjoy the place as it is home to a variety of Roman and Islamic archaeological sites that are ideal for visiting during winter, given the mild weather and the green views. 

Local tourismThe influx of tourists has helped boost the local economy, revitalizing commercial activity in northern markets and streets. However, according to Petra, there is still a need for the development of services for visitors, such as improving roadways and providing waste disposal containers and health units.

"The northern Jordan region deserves to be at the forefront of priorities for attracting tourist investments," said Aqab Al-Awadi, a member of the Irbid Governorate Council. 

"This will help exploit its natural, climatic, agricultural, and varied tourist features and create job opportunities for the area’s youth,” he added. 

CooperationTabaqat Fahel, a municipality located in Jordan, is also taking steps to boost tourism. Mayor Katheeb Al-Ghizawi emphasized that local cadres are working to clean up hiking routes and other sites “to the best of their capabilities”. 

The mayor also emphasized the importance of cooperation with hikers and visitors, asking them not to litter on hiking routes or the side of public roads.

In addition to clean-up efforts, the mayor also stressed the need for further infrastructure rehabilitation projects to encourage tourism investment. 

These projects, he added, would not only upgrade municipal services but also provide employment opportunities for the youth sector.

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