New administrative city project still being studied — investment minister

Khairy Amr
Minister of Investment Khairy Amr. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Investment Khairy Amr said that the government continues to look into the prospect of building a new administrative city and that the initial suggested location is in East Amman, in the form of a huge triangle extending from Amman to Zarqa, according to Hala News.اضافة اعلان

Amr said that the exact location of the administrative city will not be determined until the final phase of studies due to a number of financial, economic, social, and environmental factors.

The minister said the studies are still in the preliminary stage, and modifications may have to be made to the project, adding that a new administrative city would take several years before it would see the light. He said the studies require a timeframe of 10–20 years to complete, and the project would be implemented in four phases, with the first phase taking up to 10 years to be accomplished.

Amr pointed out that the project concept remains under evaluation, and would include expanded areas, improved infrastructure, and a space for the introduction of new smart-city technologies, noting that rehabilitating the infrastructure of existing cities is a big challenge and requires hundreds of millions of dinars.

He noted that the initial concept aims to complement economic activities taking place in Amman and Zarqa, in addition to relieving pressure on the infrastructure of the two cities.

Meanwhile, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Nasser Al-Shraideh affirmed that the government would announce details of the new administrative city project in the coming weeks. He said that the government plans to release the details of the project, including the initial location.

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