Ministry to announce third doses soon — health source

Experts recommend medical exams to ensure patients’ safety

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The Ministry of Health is expected to announce a mechanism for people to receive a third booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine in ‘the near future’ a health source told Jordan News. (Photo: Amir Khalifa/JNews)
AMMAN — On July 13, the Ministry of Health’s announced that, to facilitate travel between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, which does not recognize the Chinese Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine, citizens could register to receive a third dose of vaccine for the purpose of travel and work, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.اضافة اعلان

Following the announcement, Jordan’s public discourse was ablaze with rumors that booster shots would be administered in Jordan.

Other countries, including the UAE, have already begun offering third doses, as reported by Reuters on May 18.

In response, a number of experts and doctors have raised concerns about mixing different kinds of vaccines, especially if the third jab of the vaccine will be going to high-risk patients, including those who are immunocompromised.

The rumors may not be unfounded, as a Health Ministry source who spoke to Jordan News on condition of anonymity said that the ministry is expected to issue a statement in the “near future” that will lay out the mechanism for receiving a third dose and who will be entitled to one.

The source stressed that mixing different vaccines is not desirable in Jordan, so “the third dose will be from the same type of vaccine the patient was given in the first two doses.”

“Most of the people who are going to take a third dose are those who suffer from cancer, kidney failure, and bone marrow transplants,” the health source said, adding that the ministry will determine how to ensure the safety of this group.

Doctor and President of the Jordanian Association for Medical Services Isaac Tawil told Jordan News that while he advises all his patients to take the vaccine, as it is the best way to contribute to eliminating COVID-19, “when it comes to mixing different kinds of vaccines or taking a third jab, it is different.”

“The side effects differ from person to person and from body to body,” Tawil said.

“Those willing to take a third jab should undergo some medical exam to make sure their bodies can endure (a third) jab, especially if they have been suffering from serious diseases like cancer.”

One person may endure what the next person may not, and “I suggest this be a decision left to the responsibility of the patient,” he added.

Mona Sahoury, a Jordanian who often visits Saudi Arabia to see her children, said that “now things are different, and the procedures are harder.”

Having to receive a third dose of a different type of vaccine made the decision of whether to travel a difficult one.
“I am thinking of postponing my trip to Saudi Arabia until the pandemic is over,” she told Jordan News.

After taking her second dose of Sinopharm, she experienced some side effects that have made her hesitant for a third.
“If I knew previously that (Sinopharm) was not verified by countries like Saudi Arabia, I would not have taken it.

As for now, taking a third jab is not a decision that I will consider,” she said.

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