Maan representatives reach agreement with striking drivers

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(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)

AMMAN — Representatives of Maan governorate in southern Jordan reached an agreement with truck owners Saturday to suspend their strike, clear the main roads, and return to work, according to a document obtained by Khaberni News.

اضافة اعلان


The document was confirmed by MP Tayseer Krishan


Krishan stated that a meeting was held that included all representatives from Maan and the southern Badia and drivers and owners of transport companies. The meeting covered various topics that will be transferred to the concerned authorities, he added.


According to Krishan, the strikers agreed to return to work, and the owners of the tankers went to the phosphate mines and the port of Aqaba. Krishan also noted that this came after a lot of goods accumulated as a result of the strike.


The strikes, which broke out last week, started with truckers in Aqaba and Maan governorates but have since grown to include drivers and owners of taxis, rideshare cabs, minibuses, and water tankers.


On Thursday, gunfire killed a senior officer and wounded two other police in the Kingdom’s south, where protesters have taken to the streets for days against rising fuel prices, authorities said on Friday.


Col. Abdul Razzaq Dalabeeh, the deputy police chief of Maan province, was shot in the head on while officers tried to "calm down riots" in the southern town of Husseiniya, the Public Security Directorate said in a statement.


The government has since intensified efforts to find the assailant and increased security presence in several areas across the Kingdom.



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