Maan, Tafileh, Madaba join transport strike

1. Transport Strike
A general view of an empty street in Maan as shop keepers participate in a solidarity strike on December 14, 2022. (Photo: Twitter)


AMMAN — A general strike paralyzed the city of Maan, in southern Jordan, on Wednesday, as shop owners refused to open their doors in solidarity with the striking truck drivers and the public transport sector in the governorate, who are demanding lower fuel prices, according to local media outlets.


Shops in the city have been closed since the early hours of the morning, and the streets appeared empty of pedestrians and traffic.


Activists in the city claimed that the closure of shops came in response to authorities’ firing tear gas at peaceful protesters calling for a reduction in fuel prices. Truckers said that the strike will continue until their demand is met.


On Wednesday, shops in Madaba Governorate also stayed closed for the second day in a row in solidarity with the strikers.


Public transport bus drivers in Madaba joined the national strike three days ago. They were joined by drivers of trucks, water tankers, and heavy machinery.


Meanwhile, a demonstration paralyzed traffic in Tafileh Governorate on Wednesday when drivers protested in solidarity with the bus and truck drivers. Shops had closed their doors since the early hours of the morning, and passenger traffic in the governorate stopped.


Drivers were quoted by Jo24 as saying that the strike has been going on for days in solidarity with strikers who were demanding a reduction in fuel prices, stressing that any solution other than lower fuel prices is unacceptable.


They called for a reduction of the fixed tax imposed on fuel products, which had contributed to the steep rise in prices, to levels that exceed the ability of citizens and operators to meet.



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