MPs condemn UK’s move to rule Hamas ‘terrorist organization’

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Seventy-five representatives of the Lower House of Parliament condemned Sunday the UK government’s decision to move forward with the designation of Hamas as a “terrorist organization”, and said they considered the move reward for Israel “which kills Palestinians, occupies their land, and besieges the Gaza Strip”.اضافة اعلان

"We in the Jordanian House of Representatives consider the British decision an aggression against the Palestinian people, and more so against the Arab world,” lawmakers stated in a parliamentary memorandum addressed to Lower House Speaker Abdul Karim Doghmi.

The UK House of Commons is set to vote on the decision next week, and if passed, would see 14-year prison sentences issued against anyone found showing support for Hamas, according to AFP. Support, in this context, would include flying Hamas' flag, arranging to meet its members, or wearing clothing supporting the group.

Deputy Khalil Attieh, who initiated the memorandum, told Jordan News that “this is the least we can do to support and stand by the people of Palestine, adding that the British decision is unacceptable, echoing the Lower House’s call on the UK to reconsider it.

Attieh noted that 75 objections was not a small number, although it could have been higher, as the motion was sent to MPs on a WhatsApp group, doubting that “all our respected colleagues had seen it in good time”.

Attiyeh said that deputies’ protest would not be limited to the memo, adding thatthey would ask Doghmi to address world parliaments to prevent the decision from passing.

Magir Hamlan Al-Daaja, another of the 75 signatories to the memorandum, told Jordan News that it was frustrating and disappointing to learn that Hamas was being considered a terrorist movement. "We could not stay silent and do nothing for our beloved ones in Palestine", he said.  “This is the least we can do for them."

The memorandum has also stated that the UK’s decision was an extension of the “ominous 100-year-old Balfour Declaration”, under which the UK gave Palestinian land to Jews from across the world, calling on the British government to reverse its decision, which lawmakers said was in violation of international laws and legitimacy.

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