MP Mayada Shreim questions water tariff increase amid government reversal

water bill
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Women and Family Affairs Committee MP Mayada Shreim, has asserted that she will be posing a question to the Minister of Water and Irrigation regarding the proposed water tariff increase.  She highlighted that during a recent parliamentary gathering, the government had unequivocally stated its intention not to raise water prices. However, later on, members of parliament were taken aback by the unexpected decision to gradually increase water prices and impose additional financial burdens on citizens.اضافة اعلان

According to Shreim, in the event that she finds the response unsatisfactory, she will proceed to initiate a formal interrogation.  She emphasized that the parliamentary body had sought clarification from the government regarding the reasons for transitioning water billing from a quarterly to a monthly basis. Additionally, they sought clarity on whether there were plans for an actual hike in water prices. Nevertheless, the government maintained its stance, affirming that there was no intention to increase prices, Jo24 reported.

Shreim pointed out that such an increase would place fresh financial burdens on the shoulders of the Jordanian citizens. She firmly believed that it was imperative for the parliament to take a resolute stand against the price hike until the government reconsidered its decision.

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