Land shipping resumes from Aqaba port; 1,100 containers loaded

Truck, transport strike continues in Maan

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Aqaba has resumed loading containers for overland shipping, with approximately 1,100 containers processed at the city’s container port between Saturday and Sunday morning — a number exceeding normal loading figures, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority President Nayef Bakhit told Al-Mamlaka TV on Sunday. اضافة اعلان

Between Saturday midnight and Sunday noon, 1,058 trucks were loaded in Aqaba “and we expect that the number will increase in the afternoon” as the number of trucks coming from Amman rises, with pictures showing large numbers of trucks on Wadi Araba Road and the Desert Road heading towards the port city, Bakhit said.

A second lane has been opened at the container port for processing the trucks, and customs procedures are being conducted in the port yards, with a large number of containers already inspected, he said.

“There is no need for the containers to go through the customs yards or be inspected a second time. Instead, they can leave the port directly to head towards their destinations,” the president noted.

Meanwhile, truck and public transport drivers in Maan governorate are continuing their strike — which entered its 15th consecutive day on Sunday — demanding that fuel prices and taxes be reduced, according to AmmanNet.

A cautious calm prevailed in protest areas following the killing of an officer on Thursday evening when he was shot in the head in the Husseiniyah area of Maan — an event that coincided with protests by the truck drivers over the hike in fuel prices and taxes imposed on the commodity.

Interior Minister Mazen Faraya said in a press conference on Friday that areas experiencing protests “will witness a heavy security presence” after the killing of the officer, adding: “The government will not allow these abuses to continue. Security deployments will be strengthened in locations where riots are taking place and where drivers are being attacked.”

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