Karak Governorate plans to dig new wells to alleviate water shortages

Water shortage
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Karak Governorate is facing a variety of challenges regarding the supply of drinking water, where water loss reached 67 percent compared to 52 percent in 2015, according to Al-Rai daily.اضافة اعلان

The challenges that the governorate faces include urban expansion and the emergence of new residential areas which place additional stress on the already scarce water resources.

Residents have called for an urgent intervention to address this scarcity, by calling for reform to the water networks in various areas of the governorate, especially those which have been in used since the 1970s with no improvement.

Director of the Karak Water Authority Samer Al-Maaytah said that the authority is working to improve the water situation in the governorate.

He said that Karak’s 84 wells produce 2,900 cubic meters of drinking water per hour, which is 600 cubic meters short of Karak’s water needs.

Maaytah added that the directorate is searching for new water resources to cover the deficit, including the digging of additional wells and the rehabilitating of its existing ones. He told Al-Rai that four new wells will be dug in 2022, with a pumping capacity of 650 cubic meters.

Furthermore, Karak Governorate will implement two water conveyance projects valued at JD2.2 million, in addition to digging more wells near Mujib Dam, so as to avoid depleting the dam’s already low water reserves — the result of insufficient rainfall. 

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