Jordanian parties condemn normalization, property law

Islamic Action Front IAF
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Seven Jordanian political parties issued a joint press statement on Thursday, condemning the approach of normalizing relations with Israel over the Property Ownership Law. They also expressed strong disapproval of the decision by the parliament not to exclude holders of Israeli nationality from the property ownership law. The parties articulated that this law creates a significant vulnerability that could potentially allow Israelis to acquire Jordanian lands.اضافة اعلان

The seven parties conveyed their collective astonishment at the swiftness with which the parliament approved laws that impact political life, public freedoms, and national sovereignty. These laws were hurriedly passed without due consideration for their potential ramifications on the country's political landscape and its inherent sovereignty, Jo24 reported.

Access to land without any predefined limits
Following the enactment of the Cybercrime Law, which was widely perceived as an overt assault on public freedoms and a hindrance to political and party activities, the Property Ownership Law was introduced. This legislation, they argued, poses a direct challenge to the nation's sovereignty, as it empowers investment funds and foreign companies, granting them access to lands without any predefined limits.

The amended draft of the Property Ownership Law has vested the Cabinet with the authority to transfer land ownership from state properties to public investment funds or wholly government-owned companies for investment purposes. This draft also marks the first instance where non-Jordanian investors are permitted to own properties without any restrictions on size.

The statement was signed by the following seven parties:● Jordanian Communist Party
● Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party
● Jordanian Democratic People's / Hashd Party
● Jordanian Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
● Islamic Action Front
● Partnership and Rescue Party
● Jordanian Future and Life Party