Cabinet approves draft amendment to Real Estate Property Law

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AMMAN — The Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh, convened Wednesday and granted approval for the justifications behind the draft amendment to the Real Estate Property Law for the year 2023. According to Ad-Dustor daily. اضافة اعلان

The decision sets the stage for the submission of the draft to the Legislative and Opinion Bureau, which will oversee the necessary procedures for its issuance.

The Cabinet granted the draft law the status of urgency.

Purpose of the draft lawThe primary objective of the proposed law is to regain jurisdiction over the resolution of common property disputes, shifting it away from administrative committees within the land registration directorates.

This move is based on the practical implementation of the Real Estate Property Law. It was revealed that obstacles arose when administrative committees were entrusted with this jurisdiction.

Empowering the Cabinet
According to the draft law, the Cabinet will be authorized, upon recommendation from a committee composed of multiple ministers, to approve the allocation of land parcels from state properties.

These parcels may be allocated to public investment funds or government-owned companies. The aim is to facilitate their operations or utilize them as in-kind shares in investment projects.

The draft law includes provisions designed to promote investment by easing property ownership restrictions. Additionally, it takes into account the rights of specific division parties before the judiciary, including the right to participate in auctions.

Revisions to Judicial Service Systems
The Cabinet also approved an amended system for the Judicial Service System for Sharia judges for the year 2023.

This revision aims to address the financial rights of Sharia judges and employees of the Judges and Sharia Courts Department who work in Jerusalem.

By providing an end-of-service bonus system, this decision ensures that their financial entitlements are met upon completion of their services. It aims to prevent any legal disputes regarding their rights, considering the nature of their work and their status.

Another approval by the Cabinet was for the amended system for the Social Solidarity Fund for Sharia judges and judicial officers in the year 2023.

The purpose of this amendment is to unify the disbursement mechanism for Sharia judicial officers, aligning it with the principles established for regular judicial officers.

Furthermore, it addresses the disbursement principles for participants in the fund, including judges and Sharia judicial officers appointed during the fiscal year of the fund.

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