Jordan seeks solutions for security threat posed by Syria's Al-Rukban camp

Rukban camp
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A government source in Jordan has highlighted the pressing issue of Al-Rukban Camp, emphasizing the hope that Damascus will address this matter in light of recent developments in regional relations. اضافة اعلان

This report, sourced from the UAE24 website and carried by Khaberini, sheds light on the security concerns faced by Jordan due to the proximity of Al-Rukban Camp to its border.

Jordan shares a border with Syria spanning over 375km, extending from the northern to the eastern parts of the country. Al-Rukban Camp, an unorganized gathering of displaced Syrians, has emerged near the Jordanian border in the eastern region.

The camp has become a focal point of security concern for Jordan, as evidenced by a past incident where a car bomb, driven by an Daesh suicide bomber, targeted the Jordanian army.
The attack originated from the camp and struck a border guard post, resulting in casualties.

Challenges in the camp
Approximately 8,000 individuals currently reside in the Rukban camp, enduring hardships such as water and food scarcity, inadequate healthcare, and the prevalence of diseases exacerbated by dust.

Many inhabitants fear security prosecution and mandatory conscription into the Syrian army, which deters them from returning to their original areas of residence. Conversely, the Syrian government seeks to dismantle the camp and promptly relocate its residents.

Seeking resolution
Jordan aims to establish a mutual understanding with the Syrian government and Russia to encourage the voluntary return of Al-Rukban Camp residents to their original homes, according to the source.

The camp's proximity to the Al-Tanf border base, where American and foreign forces are stationed, raises further concerns. The government source indicated that Jordan has scheduled meetings with the Syrian side to address various border-related matters, including the security situation and drug smuggling concerns.

Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi recently confirmed an agreement reached during the Amman consultative meeting regarding mechanisms to initiate voluntary return operations for Syrian refugees.

Additionally, Safadi expressed intentions to establish a joint political security team between Jordan and Syria to discuss the pressing issue of drug smuggling.

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