Jordan’s ‘The Load’ secures top spots in international film festivals

The load
(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — The film "The Load," produced by the Jordan Armed Forces - Arab Army Military Media Directorate in 2024, has earned its spot in the semi-finals of several international film festivals, including the New York International Film Awards (NYIFA), Oniros Film Awards, and the UK’s CKF International Film Festival. Competing against hundreds of international films, it secured the Best Directing Accolade for the short film category.اضافة اعلان

According to Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Hayari, the director of military media in JAF, the film’s vision stemmed from the overarching vision of the Jordanian Armed Forces leadership. This vision aimed at harnessing all available communication mediums and leveraging the profound impact of art to raise awareness about the perils of drug addiction plaguing numerous societies in the region and globally, as reported by Al-Mamlaka TV.

The film also seeks to unveil the stark realities of drug traffickers, criminal syndicates, and smugglers who exploit societal vulnerabilities to ensnare individuals and perpetrate various forms of violence against humanity. As the year progresses, the film will continue its journey, competing in other international and regional film festivals, with results set to be announced in due course.

It is noteworthy that "The Load" marks a milestone as it was entirely produced by the Military Media Directorate for the first time, with the Military Media Center overseeing its conception, including writing, directing, producing, filming, and editing, all undertaken by the dedicated military media personnel involved in its creation.

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