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Jordan resumes Brazil cattle, beef imports after mad cow scare

Dairy cows farmers
(Photo: Freepik)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Agriculture has lifted the suspension on the import of live cows, calves, and beef from Brazil, following a brief halt due to a confirmed case of mad cow disease in February 2023, according to Khaberni.اضافة اعلان

The official announcement was made on the website of the World Organization for Animal Health.4

Suspension liftedThe resumption of the import was announced by ministry’s Assistant Secretary-General for Livestock Ali Abu Nukta who confirmed that the suspension was lifted after reports published on the official website of the World Organization for Animal Health revealed that no new infections had been recorded.

Import licenses will now be issued in compliance with the health regulations set out in the organization's constitution for the trade of live animals and their products.

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