Doctor sentenced to community service for misdemeanor causing death

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AMMAN — In a case unprecedented in the Kingdom, a Jordan court has convicted a doctor of a misdemeanor causing death, sentencing him to 60 hours of community service.اضافة اعلان

The sentence is stipulated to take place at the Health Ministry’s Amman Comprehensive Health Center, where the doctor is required to carry out unpaid medical work for 60 hours, to be completed within one year.

Case contextThe court issued the ruling after it was proven that the wife of the complainant had been admitted to a hospital under the supervision of the defendant, a gynecologist, for an operation on the ovaries that involves an incision to the abdomen.

The next day, the defendant released the patient from the hospital without performing an elimination process. The patient’s condition then worsened, her stomach began to swell, and her breathing became shallow, while a green substance began to excrete from the area of the operation wound.
It was discovered that the doctor had mistakenly made a 3-cm intestinal perforation during the initial operation.
She was taken to the hospital again and her vital signs were unstable as the level of creatinine in her blood was high. The patient was given antibiotics and admitted again to the operation theater after the doctor had been called.

Surgical errorsIt was discovered that the doctor had mistakenly made a 3-cm intestinal perforation during the initial operation. The doctor also observed that a large quantity of intestinal contents had leaked into the abdominal cavity.

The patient was admitted to the recovery room after the operation, and her blood pressure was found to be low, while her vital signs were unstable. She was then transferred to another hospital and placed on an artificial respiration machine, however, she soon passed away.

Reports by an expert and a technical medical committee found that the cause of death was the result of the defendant’s mistake in performing the first surgical operation without sufficient and justified medical reasons or consulting a general surgeon, as well as a lack of proper precautions while conducting the operation. The reports also indicated that the hospital did not have an intensive care unit. All these errors are considered contrary to medical norms and led to the death of the complainant’s wife.

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