Jordan reopens land borders to Syria, Saudi Arabia

Vehicles wait to cross at the Jaber border crossing at the Syrian-Jordanian border on November 7, 2018. (Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — On Monday, the Ministry of Interior activated a platform designed for visitors arriving through the Al Omari and Jaber border crossings, in compliance with approved health conditions and standards. Hundreds of visitors, who are required to submit an online application before entering Jordan, will be able to arrive per day.اضافة اعلان

“Starting today, 200 visitors from the Omari Border Center will be welcomed to Jordan, in addition to 150 visitors from the Jaber Border Center, from those who have already registered on a dedicated platform that receives applications for registration and under certain health conditions and standards,” an Interior Ministry source said. The Omari border crossing separates Jordan from Saudi Arabia and the Jaber border separates Jordan from Syria. Both borders were closed in August 2021 due to COVID-19.
The source pointed that “the entry of goods has not been stopped or banned since the beginning of the pandemic. The ban has only limited the movement of travelers coming from Syria and Saudi Arabia.” In usual circumstances, the Jaber crossing is one of Syria’s busiest border crossings.

Fathi Al Jaghbeer, president of Amman Chamber of Industry, told Jordan News that “this decision has a great impact on so many sectors no doubt.”

“As for Syria in particular, I cannot see a deep and direct cooperation regarding the industrial sector, as it has already limited the industries exchange between the two countries previously,” Jaghbeer said. “Yet this will be a great opportunity for businessmen from both countries to exchange visits, which may lead to some good economic opportunities.”

A source from the Ministry of Health told Jordan News that “visitors are to undergo a PCR test upon their arrival in Jordan to make sure they test negative for COVID-19.”

“There is no need to be afraid of this decision regarding COVID-19, as it is going to happen with strict safety measures to make sure all the visitors and citizens are safe,” he said. “The evidence of a negative PCR test conducted from the country of departure must be presented at the border crossing.”

“This decision will leave a major positive impact on so many sectors and I highly stand with it and appreciate it,” the source said.

Visitors passing through the border crossings are to apply through: