‘Truckers’ losses to accumulate to JD600m if Saudi ban continues’

Trucks in Jordan
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Truck shipping losses will reach an estimated JD600 million should Saudi Arabia stand its ground on its decision to ban trucks that are older than 20 years from entering the country, according to head of the truck owners union, Mohammad Khair Dawood, in statements made on Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

The head of the syndicate noted that some 3,000 trucks operating on the on the international shipping route to Arab Gulf countries will be directly affected by the decision, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Dawood said 7,000 out of the 22,000 trucks licensed locally are over 20 years old (pre-dating 2000).

The head of the union called on the government to reach out to relevant Saudi authorities to facilitate the return of truck shipping, and grant Jordanian truckers a grace period of five years to rectify their situation, stressing the need for granting truckers custom exemptions to replace their old trucks.

For her part, Transport Ministry Secretary General Wesam Tahtamouni said that the decision to ban trucks that have exceeded their operational lifespan will impact the flow of goods from Jordan to Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom’s gateway to the market.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that some 400 Jordanian trucks, laden with fruits, vegetables, and livestock, have been held at the border with Saudi Arabia, after the latter refused them entry, due to the trucks’ age.

The deputy head of the truck owners union, Nael Thyabat, said that the decision came with no prior warning, noting that the goods will soon spoil and the livestock will die if the situation continues, owing to the high temperatures.
Tahtamouni said the ministry has been working with the Foreign Ministry towards exempting Jordanian trucks, busses and taxis — operating on international roads — from the operational lifespan limit imposed on vehicles by Saudi regulations.

She added that Saudi customs has banned the entry of trucks that have been operating for more than 20 years, as of April 4, whereas Jordanian regulations grant more leeway in this regard.

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