Jordan 'has not forced' Syrian refugees to go back to Syria

Syrian refugees are seen in Zaatari Camp in this 2013 file photo (Photo: Wikipedia commons)
AMMAN –– Authorities are not forcing three Syrian refugees to go back to Syria, but has told them to stop “illegal” activities “or find a new destination”, an informed source said Friday.اضافة اعلان

The case of Hasna Al-Hariri and two other refugees went viral on social Media and gained momentum on Friday, responding to a claim that she would be deported to Syria within 14 days, where she might face retribution from a regime that has previously put her in jail and “killed her husband and sons”. The lady, according to the BBC, was freed under a prisoner swap in 2012 between the Syrian government and revolution factions.  

In a statement made available to Jordan News, the source said that authorities have warned Hariri “several times against conducting illegal activities that would do harm to Jordan. When she continued such illegal activities, concerned authorities told her to stop … or find a new destination… and allowed her enough time to prepare” for her departure.

“But there was no forced return to Syria and reports alleging that are false. The same applies to Ibrahim Al-Hariri and Raafat Al-Salkhadi,” the statement said.

BBC said that the woman organized an event in Zaatari Syrian refugee camp, in the north east, on the 10th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution.

“Jordan hosts more than 1.3 million Syrian brothers and sisters and three more people would not be burden…. But it would not allow anyone to breach the law and carry out activities that clash with the country’s national interests and its consistent policy of non-interference in others’ affairs,” the source said in the statement.