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'No unjustified deportation of Yemenis'

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In this undated photo, a Yemeni refugee in Jordan poses for a picture Photo: UNHCR
AMMAN –– The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan has dismissed as ungrounded a report by Human Rights Watch alleging that the Kingdom has issued unjustified deportation orders to Yemeni nationals over the past few months.اضافة اعلان

“Verification cannot be made on whether the deportations, referred to in the aforementioned report, have actually taken place,” the refugee agency said in a press statement on Thursday.

UNHCR stressed that the cases of deportation it was aware of were legally justified as the persons involved breached the labor and residency laws. It added that it has received no reports from deported people or their families in the said period alleging violations on the part of Amman of the international law pertaining to the treatment of refugees.   

UNHCR added that it is “closely” working with the Jordanian government to find solutions and provide protection for refugees and asylum seekers in the Kingdom, which, according to the statement, has been working “generously” for decades to host a “large” number of refugees of different nationalities.