Iraqi investor assaulted in front of his home

police car
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — An Iraqi investor was assaulted in front of his home in Amman on Tuesday by unknown assailants. He was taken to hospital for treatment, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan Haider Mansour Hadi denounced the attack, adding had it not been for the intervention of the security forces, the severity of his countryman’s injuries would have been greater.

Hadi said that the investor was seriously injured after being struck on the head with a weapon. He received blows to the back and one to his eyes, in a “brutal and criminal manner”. The attack took place in broad daylight.

Hadi visited the investor in hospital to check on his health, adding that he is in contact with the concerned authorities in order to expedite procedures for arresting and prosecuting the attackers and bringing those behind them to justice, and to make sure such attacks are not repeated.

He expressed his confidence that the Jordanian security and judicial authorities will deal professionally and seriously with this incident. 

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