Hotel occupancy plummets: 25% drop during Ramadan

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Vice Chairman of the Jordan Hotel Association, Hussein Hilalat, confirmed the continued decline in hotel occupancy rates during the holy month of Ramadan, contrary to the high demand seen in previous years, ranging from 13 to 25 percent.اضافة اعلان

Hilalat stated that hotel occupancy rates during the past Ramadan ranged from 51 to 80 percent, showing a wide variation. This significant decline is attributed to the aggression in Gaza, impacting tourism in the Kingdom.

Data from the Hotel Association indicated a clear decline in occupancy rates during the current Ramadan compared to the previous year. Hotels in the capital witnessed a 28 percent decrease, with occupancy rates reaching 51 percent last year compared to an expected 23 percent this year, Khaberni reported.
Similarly, the occupancy rate in Dead Sea hotels decreased by 45 percent, reaching 70 percent last year compared to an expected 25 percent this year.

Regarding Petra hotels, they recorded a low occupancy rate of 67 percent, compared to 80 percent last year and an expected 13 percent this year.

Hilalat noted that hotel occupancy rates increased in the capital compared to other governorates during Ramadan. This month is considered a golden opportunity to boost tourism in Jordan, especially in the capital, through offering luxurious Ramadan breakfast offers.

The sector has suffered a sharp decline in hotel occupancy due to the repercussions of Israel’s war on Gaza. Investors in the sector face significant financial pressures, including operational costs, accumulated debts, and losses, negatively impacting future investments and the national economy.

Hilalat called for effective and stimulating measures to support the hotel sector, including temporary tax exemptions, providing financial facilities, and offering financial support to affected hotel establishments, along with financial exemptions and deferrals without interest or penalties.

He emphasized the urgent need for effective solutions and called for active cooperation among relevant authorities to address current challenges. He stressed the importance of enhancing partnerships between the government and the private sector, supporting affected hotel establishments, and the importance of national solidarity in boosting the Kingdom's economy.

Jordan faces significant challenges due to declining demand for accommodation in hotel establishments. The tourism, hotel, travel, and tourism sectors are suffering from the effects of these current conditions.
Reports from the World Bank warn of the potential economic impact of the ongoing and expanding Israeli war on Gaza on the Jordanian economy.

In the context of these reports, the World Bank warned of the war's impact on tourism activity and tourism revenues in the Kingdom.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Jordan has 609 operating hotels, with the hotel sector employing over 20,000 Jordanian workers and around 3,500 foreign workers.

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