Greatest risk of famine in Gaza has not yet arrived, JHCO Secretary General says

Greatest risk of famine in Gaza has not yet arrived, JHCO Secretary General says
Amman - The Secretary General of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) Hussein Shebli, said that the JHCO is the official local destination to provide donations to Gaza, and over time, due to the trust of the international community in Jordan, the JHCO became a regional hub for many countries to send aid by land and air through the Kingdom, in cooperation with the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) - Arab Army, which mobilized all its capabilities to transport relief materials to Gaza.اضافة اعلان

He told the Jordan Times, a local English-language daily newspaper, that Jordan has achieved significant and important achievements in Gaza by leveraging its previous experiences and high organizational capabilities. Since the onset of the recent crisis, JHCO has sent thousands of air and land shipments carrying food, medical, and relief materials. These shipments were primarily directed to hospitals and health centers suffering from severe shortages of medicines and medical equipment. We have also provided food aid to hundreds of thousands of affected families. This could not have been achieved without the concerted efforts of the logistical fieldwork team and continuous coordination with local authorities and partner organizations.

"Our message to the international community is an urgent call to intensify support and aid for Gaza. The situation requires immediate and comprehensive intervention without delay, and everyone must fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities. We raise a warning sign calling on donor countries, charitable institutions, and individuals to provide donations and humanitarian aid to support the Palestinian people in these difficult times," Shebli added.

He emphasized that donations and logistical support are the only ways to help the affected and rebuild what the war has destroyed. International solidarity and cooperation among all parties will make a real difference and restore hope to the people of Gaza.

"We urge the international community to stand by Gaza and provide the necessary support for recovery and prosperity. We do not want to reach the moment where everyone regrets inaction or doing nothing in the face of the escalating tragedy," Shebli further emphasized.

"The relief materials in our warehouses are depleting over time, so donations and international support are the cornerstones of our work inside Gaza," Shebli warned.

"Our continued activity depends on the financial and logistical support provided by donor countries, charitable institutions, and individual donors. Without this support, we will not be able to purchase essential materials or provide necessary services to the population. Therefore, we always strive to communicate with our international partners and present transparent reports on the use of funds and the challenges we face, which helps build trust and increase the chances of receiving more donations," Shebli added.

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