Japan-Middle East Strategic Dialogue Conference Kicks Off in Amman

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Japan-Middle East Strategic Dialogue Conference Kicks Off in Amman
Amman - The first edition of the Strategic Dialogue Conference between Japan and the Middle East, organized by the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) and the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) at the University of Tokyo, kicked off on Sunday in Amman.اضافة اعلان

The conference, hosted by the University of Jordan over May 12 and 13, aims to focus on the future of Japanese relations with countries in the region in the areas of economic and regional integration, technology transfer and development, as well as building security policies.

This significant event comes in light of the radical changes and major threats the world is witnessing, amidst the intense competition in the international system.

Amman, the capital of Jordan, was chosen to hold the conference due to Jordan's importance in the geopolitical and international scene and its solid relations with the active countries of the region and global countries with political and economic weight.

Jordan serves as a hub for the convergence of political and economic wills by virtue of its broad and extended relations and extensive experience in the security and political fields.

It is noteworthy that Jordanian-Japanese relations have been progressing for half a century at a steady, advanced, and balanced pace, not only due to the stability of the political systems in the two countries, but also because of the political sobriety that governs their relationship with regional issues. This political neighborliness imposes unique challenges on both countries amidst the increasing fears in the Middle East that threaten and challenge national authorities, posing a threat to Japan and Jordan alike.

Therefore, promoting peace in the Middle East is in the interest of Tokyo and Amman, as Japan fears the diversion of American military forces away from East Asia, while Jordan and Japan fear increased attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

The conference, in its two-day sessions, includes an elite group of experts and decision-makers from across the Middle East and Japan, aiming to support peace and stability by strengthening the Japanese-Middle Eastern partnership.

The participants discussed the challenge of extremism and terrorism to Japanese interests in the Middle East, highlighting its significant impact on the behavior of non-state actors and the stability of the region.

The conference also highlighted the significant Japanese investments in the growing entrepreneurship sector in the Middle East, focusing on small and medium enterprises, as well as its promising investments in energy infrastructure in the region. These investments contribute to the shift from oil and gas production towards renewable energy, whether through its distinguished partnership with Jordan or with the Gulf countries.

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