Government Calls for Restraint Amid Regional Tensions

Government Calls for Restraint Amid Regional Tensions
Amman  - The Jordanian government has appealed to all parties to exercise restraint and handle regional tensions with discipline and responsibility, avoiding any actions that could lead to dangerous escalation.اضافة اعلان

In a session Sunday chaired by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, the Cabinet emphasized the importance of de-escalation and urged all parties to act responsibly, demonstrating utmost self-restraint. It also underscored the seriousness of addressing the risks of regional escalation and its significant repercussions on international peace and security.

The Cabinet stressed the necessity for media outlets to ensure accuracy in sourcing information from authorized official sources, cautioning against the spread of rumors or misleading news that could fuel anxiety and fear.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers affirmed its commitment to addressing the situation firmly and through legal means.

The Cabinet assured the public that the Kingdom is functioning normally, with public services, education, and healthcare facilities operating smoothly.

It reiterated support for the Jordanian Armed Forces - Arab Army, in safeguarding the nation's security, citizens, airspace, and territory from any threats.

Regarding recent incidents, the Cabinet reported the interception of foreign objects in Jordanian airspace to protect citizens and residential areas. While some fragments fell in various locations, no significant damage or injuries were reported.

The only action taken by the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commisssion (CARC) last night was the temporary closure of Jordanian airspace to incoming, departing, and transiting flights as a precautionary measure, in accordance with international standards for civil aviation security and safety.

The CARC is continuously evaluating the situation and providing updates to airlines and passengers in compliance with established civil aviation safety protocols.

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