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October 24 2021 5:27 AM ˚

Gendarmerie storm area filled with MP Ajarmeh supporters

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(Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN — Gendarmerie forces have stormed an area in Naur where protesters and supporters of MP Osama Ajarmeh had gathered and prepared to receive supporters from other tribes.اضافة اعلان

Video footage circulating on social media and confirmed by witnesses show law enforcement using tear gas and confiscating tents.

Bisher Al-Khasawneh, during a session held with the cabinet on Sunday, discussed the gathering, along with similar events organized in the past few days, which the Council of Ministers described in a statement as “violations that affects the safety of citizens and the disturbs the peace.”

The statement which indicated that “illegal gatherings, scenes, and practices will be strictly punished, such as incitement and aggravation.”

The cabinet stressed that the Ministry of Interior “will not tolerate any activities, gatherings, erecting tents, or any other similar platforms, and will deal with violations very strictly to enforce the law, and prevent all provoking and dangerous activities that entail unconstitutional and unlawful acts and speech, and threaten the security of society.”

The council also called on all citizens to avoid participating in such activities, and distance themselves from “such illegal gatherings.”

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