Thousands take part in BDS blackout campaign

cut the power
Thousands took part in BDS Jordan's blackout campaign on Sunday to show solidarity with Palestine. (Photo: Freepik)
AMMAN — Thousands of Jordanians took part in the "cut the lights" campaign on Saturday, which was held in protest of the Israeli gas deal. 

Homes went dark yesterday from 10pm to 11pm to “apply pressure on the government”, as former MP Deema Tahboub previously told Jordan News. The campaign is estimated to have cost the government and the National Electricity Power Company around JD300,000 in losses.

The hashtag, "cut the lights for your dignity" topped Twitter’s trending in Jordan with over 14,000 tweets and users sharing footage of them turning off their breakers and lighting candles in their homes. Jordan’s Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS Jordan) led the campaignاضافة اعلان