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FM says that preparatory meeting ahead of Arab League summit was successful

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN —Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi said that the preparatory meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League ahead of the summit proved to successful. اضافة اعلان

He added that there were comprehensive discussions of all issues that need to be addressed ahead of the meeting.

In a statement to Syrian News Channel, Safadi highlighted that the meeting was held to address all the issues and share common challenges, which resulted in draft resolutions, ahead of the summit.

He continued, by adding that he looks forward to a phase of cooperation and for real effective steps to solve the crises of the region, as well as build a foundation for cooperation.

When asked about the Syrian crisis, he said "The Syrian crisis has been prolonged and has caused disasters for the Syrian people and the entire region, and we must act pragmatically to end it and address all the suffering caused and continues to cause for the Syrian people and the negative repercussions on our region."

He added, "We build on what was agreed upon in Amman in terms of gradual joint action based on the principle of step-by-step, which puts us on the path to resolving this crisis and all the disasters it has produced."

Draft resolutions ahead of summit
Safadi stated that the preparatory meeting of the Foreign Ministers for the summit achieved consensus on the draft resolution related to Syria, in terms of implementing what was agreed upon in Amman and direct Arab engagement with the Syrian government through the contact group formed by the Arab League.

He explained that the committee will work "to take practical steps that begin with alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people and addressing the dangers caused by the crisis, such as terrorism and drug trafficking, which poses a major threat that must be eradicated, as well as dealing with the issue of the return of refugees."

When asked about the international sanctions imposed on Syria, Safadi answered that "sanctions are a reality that we cannot ignore, but we must work together to launch positive steps that help us engage with the international community in gradually lifting them."

He added, "This requires all of us to cooperate, to take practical steps that put us on the path to a solution, and if we start on this path, God willing, there will be a resolution to all the issues."

A roadmap to resolution
In his statements to the Jordanian and Saudi television, Safadi affirmed that the Amman meeting on the Syrian crisis, which was followed by the Jeddah meeting has set up a roadmap to begin the process in resolving the ongoing crisis.

He said, "The proposed approach is to have an Arab leadership role in the efforts to solve this crisis, based on practical steps to address all the catastrophic consequences of the crisis, whether on the Syrian people or the region, regarding the threats generated by the crisis, from the threat of terrorism to drug trafficking, which is a priority for us in the Kingdom."

Safadi stated that there was consensus in the ministerial meeting on the draft resolution on Syria, which "stressed the importance of the Amman statement and the Jeddah meeting that preceded it," and that as an Arab group, they will work towards a real solution to this crisis.

He emphasized that the meeting emphasized the importance of cooperation in confronting the challenges generated by the Syrian crisis, pointing out that the Amman statement highlighted the necessity of addressing the challenges of terrorism and drug trafficking.

For his part, Safadi continued to highlight that the Kingdom’s main threat is drugs which imposes a real danger

Safadi continued to highlight that the Kingdom is working towards eradicating the threat of drugs and its threat of danger to the country.

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