Draft general budget allots around JD158.2m to Local Administration Ministry

(Photo Ministry of Local Administration's Facebook)
(Photo: Ministry of Local Administration / Facebook)
AMMAN — The General Budget Department announced the approval of JD158,177,000 as capital expenditure for the Ministry of Local Administration for the year 2022.اضافة اعلان

The 2022 draft budget, yet to be deliberated and approved by Parliament, includes JD150 million in allocations to the municipal development project, JD6 million for a solid waste management project, JD100,000 for the rehabilitation of landfills, and JD500,000 as the government’s contribution to communities hosting Syrian refugees.

General Budget Department Official Mohammad Al-Aqili, said that these allocations are sums earmarked to municipalities based on fuel revenue percentages under the Municipal Law. “The financial allocations are transferred monthly to the Cities and Villages Development Bank, and the share of each municipality is sent to its respective account according based on a set criteria under the Local Administration Law,” he added.

The Ajloun municipality financial director, Rajai Smadi, said that once approved, the Ajloun municipality’s budget will fund infrastructure projects and maintenance works in Ajloun.  

Jordan News
tried to reach the Greater Amman Municipality to learn more about the projects they intend to work on, but the spokesman was unreachable. Jordan News was also not able to contact the secretary-general of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to ask about its annual budget.

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