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Downtown protest demand end of Defense Law, increase in prices

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(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)
AMMAN — A protest on Friday was held in front of Al-Husseini Mosque downtown after the conclusion of Friday prayers. Protestors demanded the cessation of the Defense Law and the reversal of decisions to raise prices. اضافة اعلان
Amman’s governor, Yasser Adwan, prohibited the march on Wednesday, November 10. 

(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)

According to Al-Ghad News, the protests were met with heavy security and gendarmerie presence in the vicinity of the mosque. 
Various active political parties have called on people through various social media channels to participate in the protest. 

(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)

Jordan installed Defense Law No. 13 on March 17, 2020, as part of a Royal Decree which was mandated to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and appropriately deal with the pandemic. 

(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)

Adwan added that the government will deal strictly with any protests or measures which violate the law. He also stressed that there was no problem in holding peaceful protests which do not violate the law. 

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