Doctors complain about test for regional jobs

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AMMAN — The Jordan Medical Association (JMA) said a large number of its members lodged complaints about a test they sat for to get employed regionally, Jo24 reported.اضافة اعلان

The doctors claimed the test was not the appropriate way to assess a general practitioner. They contended that it contained questions with incorrect answers, questions not related to medicine, and thus was incompatible with the profession.

The JMA said in a statement Monday that it contacted President of the Civil Service Bureau Sameh Al-Nasser, and submitted the doctors’ complaints and observations to him.

The association confirmed that the Civil Service Bureau is not qualified to assess the medical knowledge of doctors, and the JMA council asked that doctors not sit for an exam.

It said doctors should only undergo a personal interview, since they take multiple tests from the moment they graduate until they obtain board certification.

The association also stressed that the Jordanian Medical Council is the only body authorized to evaluate doctors. It requested to see the test questions.

Nasser stressed that no one will be allowed to sit again for the exam, noting that the success rate of the taken exam was 54 percent.

He said that sitting for the test is a requirement of the laws and regulations that govern the work of the bureau, which give him the authority to conduct such tests to elect suitable candidates. He stressed that no professional is exempted from sitting for the bureau tests.

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